Trichophytic Closure

Hair Transplant Trichophytic closure in India

Trichophytic closure is the one of the step followed in Hair Transplant surgery to minimize the amount of scar at donor area. Trichophytic Closure in hair transplant surgery is done after the removal of hair strip from the donor area.

Let me brief you about Trichophytic Closure :

Following the removal of Donor Hair strip, the lower skin edge is trimmed 2mm in width and 0.3-0.5 mm depth and diepithelised. This diepithelised skin edge is slided just below the upper skin edge and sutured. The advantage of this type of technique is that the hairs will grow from the line of incision at the donor area. We at our clinic in India have been implementing this advanced trichophytic closure method to achieve minimal or no scar at donor are

Please Note :
Tendency of scar at donor area after your hair transplant depends on the nature of individual skin and complexions.

Corrective Hair Transplant :

Corrective hair transplant is also known as a revision hair transplant, This procedure is done for the patients who have already undergone hair transplant surgery unsuccessfully or with bad hair transplant results in other clinics or centers. We would perform this type of surgical process expecting desirable results.

Indication for Corrective /Revision Hair Transplant Surgery are:

  • Bad Donor Scars.
  • Poor Growth of transplanted hair.
  • Improper Hair Lines.
  • Pits at Implanted areas.