Stem Cell Hair Loss

Stem Cells Hair Loss Treatment

There is lot of news and talk about stem cells and its benefits in hair loss/ hair re growth and whether stem cells actually helps in re growth of the hairs and if yes how does it actually helps in hair re growth.

This is a brief note about stem cells in hair loss.

1. What are Stem cells ?

Stem cells are cells that are harvested from individual body.

2. How are stem cells prepared ?

Stem cells are prepared by taking the individuals fat by liposuction and cultured to obtain stem cells (multiple cells).

3. How is stem cell treatment performed ?

Under local anesthesia the area to be treated is anesthesied and stem cells injected into the hair loss/ bald area

4. How does Stem cell helps in hair re growth ?

The concept of stem cells in their made of action in hair re growth doesn’t have much of scientific evidence, but researches feel stem cells when injected may help in hair re growth by sending signals to the follicular cells and helps in growing new hair, which doesn’t have proper evidence behind this.

Many research and experiments have been happening since long and even today to find out stem cells uses in hair re growth, but lot of studies, research and experiments are needed to study stem cells in hair re growth. But as of today stem cells are not practiced by many recognized hair transplant surgeon and also not done by most of the surgeon in the world. Still lots of literature and scientific basis are required to prove uses of stem cells in hair re growth.

Note :
Even we do not practice stem cells therapy but the reason in writing this article is to discuss about stem cells and its progress till date. What I would like to add is till date. Hair transplant surgery/ Hair restoration surgery is the only appreciated and widely practiced treatment by surgeon around the globe to preserve baldness/ hair loss.