PRP Hairloss

PRP Hair loss Treatment

1. What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) ?

Platelet rich plasma is obtained from individuals own blood after the blood is centrifuged.

2. How is PRP treatment done ?

After numbing the patient’s bald area/ hair loss area with local anesthesia PRP is injected into these areas.

3. Who can undergo PRP treatment ?

  • Individuals with thin and weak hairs may go for PRP but PRP is of no use if the follicles are completely destroyed/ dead below your skin. These individuals require only Hair transplant surgery.
  • People who are with their initial stages of hair loss such as class 1 and class 2 male pattern hair loss
  • Individuals with crown hair thinning

4. Is PRP is safe without any side effects ?

Yes PRP is safe without any side effects; however one can have inflammation and mild swelling at the injection sides for few days.

5. Who should not take PRP treatment ?

People with blood disorders, skin infections and diabetic should not take PRP treatment. Individuals in their advanced stage of hair loss should not take PRP treatment.

6. What is the cost of PRP in India ?

The cost of PRP in Bangalore, India is a way less and is between 5000 to 7000rs compare to USA and other countries where it is between 800 to 1000 USD.

Though the mechanism of action and the role of PRP in hair loss are still under research, but the available data studies and researches found PRP a very useful in treating hair loss. PRP may release growth factors which helps in activation of stem cells presented at the follicles. Many hair transplant surgeons started using PRP along with hair transplant surgery. The reason could be PRP enhances wound healing and may act to the benefits of the Hair transplant surgery.

Please Note :

In spite of not much literature and research evidence behind PRP benefits in hair loss and hair restoration/ hair transplantation is available, but talking the negligible side effect, minimum cost and positive feed backs who have received PRP and noticed some important in hair loss and hair thinning. Many people both men and women are undergoing platelet Rich plasma treatment. PRP is not a substitute to Hair Transplant surgery.