Hair Transplant Cost

People who are affected by baldness are looking out at reasonable cost and at the same time they are looking for advanced procedures with high quality standard of treatment. This has lured a lot of patients not only in our country but also from abroad to cure baldness with effective results.The cost of restoring the lost hairs varies and it mainly depends upon the type of procedure you intended to prefer.

Following information shows the cost derivative of different types of procedures involved in grafting the hairs.

  • Hair Transplant Cost is relatively very low compared to other developed countries like US, UK, Australia, UAE and other Middle East, Europe and Latin American Countries.
  • The cost varies from Individuals to Individuals.
  • Hair Transplant cost also depends on kind of Hair surgery what the patient is opting for.
  • Hair Transplant cost differs from person to person, men and women, area of baldness, the number of sessions and the total number of follicles / grafts transplanted.
  • When comparing to men, women hair transplant cost is charged a bit higher per follicles/ grafts.
  • For restoring facial hairs, it is charged based on only the facial region or area and it's not charged on the number of grafts/follicles.
  • In countries such as USA, UK, South Africa, Australia and other European countries the cost per grafts for hair transplant ranges b/w 100 to 400 rupees, whereas the cost is b/w 25 to 40rs per graft in our clinic.
  • FUE hair transplant cost is 1 ½ to 2 times more compared to FUT Procedure. It is b/w 60 to 80rs, whereas it ranges b/w 400 to 700rs in most of the other countries.

The cost to restore facial areas such as eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache and beard is higher compared to scalp hair transplant. Each of these areas (one area) would range b/w 50 thousand to 1 lakh in India compare to America, England, Australia, UAE and other countries which cost b/w 2 lakh to 4 lakhs per area.

Thus, grafting of hairs has gained popularity to eliminate baldness through various surgical operations as well as non-surgical procedures which embed the best looking and natural hairs with 100% successful results.