COMBO Hair Transplant

Combining both FUT & FUE in the hair transplantation is a new innovation in hair transplant surgery. By combining both FUT & FUE methods more grafts can be harvested in same session. In this technique first strip harvesting is done and later rotary FUE is performed on the same day to obtain maximum hair grafts. This method of Hair Transplant is best suited for individuals with wide area of baldness/ hair loss.

Who can opt for combination of FUT & FUE Technique ?

  • Individuals requiring maximum graft transplantation and dense packing.
  • Restoration of Multiple areas of scalp (Small to Medium areas).
  • Individual desiring to go for Hair transplant using dense packing.

Advantages of Combining FUT & FUE :

  • Minimizes multiple hair transplant sessions
  • Wide Bald area will be restored in one single day.
  • Avoids multiple visits to hair clinic.
  • Cost Effective.