Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

1. What is Body hair transplant ?

BHT is a type of surgery procedure where hair transplant surgeon utilizes body hairs for implantation in to scalp.

2. Where does the donor hairs comes from in BHT ?

Body parts such as chest, arm and legs

3. How BHT is performed ?

BHT is performed under local anesthesia where the planned body hair is removed and transplanted into the affected bald or scalp areas.

4. What technique implemented for BHT ?

FUE Is the only technique followed to extract hair grafts from the body parts.

5. How is FUE Performed for BHT ?

Once the local anesthetic is injected in to the donar area, manual FUE punches or rotary FUE machine is used to remove individual grafts/follicles from body areas.

6. Which is the Most preferred area to remove hair follicles in BHT ?

Chest hair is the most preferred area for body hair transplant compared to arms and leg area. This is because the consistency and thickness of chest hair is most suitable for implantation into scalp areas.

7. Who are suitable for BHT ?

  1. Individuals with less donor scalp hairs
  2. Individuals after mulitiple sessions of hair transplant where donor scalp hair cannot be harvested further.
  3. People who desire to get more number of grafts transplanted to achieve better hair density.

8. Which parts of the scalp can body hair be transplanted ?

Though, body hair can transplanted on frontal, mid scalp and crown areas of the scalp, but the most preferred area is crown part. If body hair is implanted for hairline/frontal area it wouldn't be aesthetically pleasing.

9. Are there any side effects of BHT ?

Side effects following body hair transplant are very minimal, but one can expect a mild pain, swelling and scabs at in the chest area following FUE harvest. If you have minimal donor scalp hairs and want to undergo transplantation with more number of hair grafts in one session and minimize the number of hair transplant then one could opt for one session of the BHT technique.

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