Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in India

India Being a Human Resource Country have contributed Lot of Professionals like Software techs', Scientists, Lawyers, Doctors, engineers all the Globe. If We take the statics Most number of Software engineers in US are Indians, Most number of Space scientists who works in NASA who also heads certain departments in NASA are Indians. Our country is based on knowledge and skill.

If we take the cosmetic Industry in UK, US, Dubai and other European countries, Cost of the cosmetics Surgery is way too expensive, well in India treatment with the same experience using same technology and technique, you would get it at best affordable price compared to other countries, which is only 1/4th.

India is known for its IT hub, rich heritage, best hospitality and pleasant climate, which is chosen by individuals across the globe. We would recommend our abroad patients to India to know more about our cultural history by visiting prominent places.

When It comes to costing For Hair Transplant surgery, cost would come up to 50 % including your travel expenses compared to countries like US, UK, Dubai, Australia and rest of European Nations.

Why To choose The New You Hair Clinic for Medical Cosmetic Tourism in India ?

Firstly, we advise you to Select/Validate the clinic, which provides the best caliber of treatment aligned with professional Doctor/Surgeon based on his/her experience, credentials and qualification. As we all know that the cosmetic medical industry is more demanding and at New You Hair Clinic, we have seen a lot of patients not only from India but also from other parts of the world. We have a bulk of hair transplant surgery images and videos (Before and After) performed on patients displaying successful results through our effective skills and approach.