Instructions for Oily Hair

Hair Care For Oily Hair

Oily Hair is mainly due to presence of excess oil over the scalp, which is produced by the oil glands below the skin.

Hair Care Tips For Oliy Hair

Here are some tips how to take care of oily hair :

  1. Doing regular hair wash removes excess oil from the scalp and prevents from oily hair.
  2. Do not comb your hair vigorously, as this might cause the oil glands to produce excess oil.
  3. Avoid too much use of moisturizers
  4. Avoid hair oils and hair gels
  5. Do not use oil based shampoos
  6. Avoid hot drying of your hair, as it produces heat and stimulate the oil glands below your scalp to secrete oil.

Untreated oily hairs leads to dandruff, scalp irritation and hair loss, so following certain hair care tips would help maintaining your hair and preventing from hair loss.