Facial Hair Transplant

This procedure is performed on both males and females who lack facial hairs. For male patients, mustache, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes and side burns hairs are restore. Females undergo eyebrows and eyelash hair transplantation.

What are the reasons which leads to facial hair loss.

Lack of Facial hairs is mainly due to hereditary, hormonal imbalance, excessive plucking of facial hairs and autoimmune disorders.

How facial Hair Transplant is performed.

It is performed by taking healthy follicles from the back of the head and implanting into the facial areas. For Beard 400 follicles on each side are implanted. For chin 200 to 300 hair follicles required, whereas mustache needs 200 to 250 follicles. To Restore / Reconstruct eyebrows, 120 to 150 follicles are needed on each side and eyelash requires 20 to 20 follicles for restoring each eyelash.

What are the techniques used in thistreatment.

We follow the follicular unit extraction (FUE) to harvest the hair follicles for implantation into the facial areas. We do not follow FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery techniques) for facial hair transplant unless advised or required. After transplanting the follicles into the facial areas such as eyebrows, eyelash, mustache and beard, healing is quick on the vascularity of the face is excellent. All the scab tissue start to fall off from the 3rd day after this surgery and in 2 weeks time you would have a normal skin.

When can I see the facial hair growth results.

After the growth of facial hairs, you can shave, trim and maintain your new hairs normally. Your transplanted facial hairs will start to grow after 3 months (10-20%), after 5 months (30-40%), after 7 months (50-60%), after 9 months (70%) and after 1 year you can appreciated your final results. The transplanted facial hairs will grow normally and would not fall after achieving the final growth.

What are the important tips after the treatment.

Following your surgery at our clinic, you will be advised to sleep upright only without applying any pressure on the implanted areas. Gentle face wash can be done on 3rd day and you can notice final hair grow by 1 year but it could even take more time in some individuals.

Thus, facial hair transplant offers the most effective procedure to restore facial hairs. At our clinic you will be provided with the best treatment at lowest price range compared to other clinics as well abroad.

In our clinic, the cost is cheaper compared to western countries. The Cost is charged based on the area and not per follicle. In India, the cost of eyebrow transplant is between 60000 to 80000 rupees, the cost for eyelash transplant is 90000 to 1 lakh ruppes, while the cost for mustache hair transplant ranges between 40000 to 50000 rupees, the cost for chin hair transplant is 35000 to 45000 rupees and full beard hair transplant costs you around 85000 rupees.