Cosmetic Surgery in Bangalore

Our clinic is the best place to get treated for various cosmetic surgeries. Patients all over the nation as well as overseas are coming to the urban city of Bangalore to get better treatment. New You Hair Clinic caters the best ambience with world class medical facilities, advanced procedures and variety of Cosmetic Surgery techniques at affordable cost.

We are the only Cosmetics Surgery Clinic in Bangalore Focused on Treating all cosmetic related issue like facial wrinkles, sagging face, drooping cheeks, double chin, eye lid folds or wrinkles through Facial Cosmetics Surgery procedures. We also provide permanent solutions for hair problems like Baldness cure, lack of facial hair in areas such as mustache, beard and eye brows through hair transplant and hair grafting procedures.

There are several types of Cosmetic Surgeries performed by the best Facial and Cosmetic Surgeons at our clinic. Patients visiting at the clinic undergo treatments to rectify deformities, to get a balanced facial appearance and disfiguration caused due to injury or accidents.

Facial Cosmetic Procedures performed by New You Hair Clinic : Face and Neck lift surgery, Cosmetic surgery for Eyebrows, Blepharoplasty for Upper and Lower Eyelids, Cosmetic Surgery perform for Lips and Cheeks, Rhinoplasty Surgery for Nose deformities and Genioplasty or chin enhancement surgery. Total Face Enhancement Surgery, Double Eye Lid Surgery and Dimple Creation Surgery are other cosmetic surgeries which are conducted to achieve facial symmetric balance.