Case Study

Hair Transplant Case Study

Wide donor scar following FUT Hair Transplant
Patient history :
A young patients in his mid 20's who underwent FUT Hair transplant else where as presented to us to undergo crown Hair transplantation. He was not happy with his wide donor scar and doesn't want to undergo FUT Hair transplant again. He opted to go for FUE hair transplant and wants his donor scar repaired.

Consideration :

  1. Donor scar was too big
  2. Previous clinic has harvested a wide strip and donor area laxity is too less.

Our solution :

  1. We excised his donor area and underwent the tissues and did two layer closure.
  2. FUE grafts were harvested above and below of his repaired donor area.

Case study : poorly performed FUE hair transplant

Patient history :
Here is young patient aged 28 yrs contacted New You Hair Clinic in the year 2012 who underwent FUE hair transplant for his hair Line in other hair transplant clinic in Chennai.

Consideration :

  1. He was not happy with the growth of Hairs.
  2. Patient does not want to undergo FUE hair transplant any more.
  3. Hair line placed too low and straight

Our solutions :

  1. We performed FUT Hair transplant and corrected his hair line successfully.
  2. FUE Hair transplant is technique sensitive which requires expertise and experience of hair transplant clinic and donor.

Case study Donor scar repair following FUT Hair transplantation :

Patient history :
This patient can study illustrate bad donor scar following FUT transplant in other hair transplant clinic. Mr.Gopal Krishna 37 yrs from Hyderabad who had undergone FUT hair transplant in Hyderabad in the year 2008 contacted us to undergo revision hair transplant (scar revision). We performed scar repair by harvesting follicles from back of his head and implanted into his donor scar.
Considerations :

  1. Wide donor scar
  2. Less scalp elasticity

Our solutions :

We have not removed the scar as his donor skin is less elastic and would have been difficult to close it if we had done scar removed. So we have taken follicles by FUE and implanted on his scar.

Case study of Facial Hair Transplant in Africans :

This case study illustrates the difficulty of extracting hair follicles in an African race.

Patient history
Mr.Mony 29 years doctor by profession of Africa Race from London with less facial hair over mustache and chin areas.

Considerations :

  1. Curly donor hairs
  2. Curvy hair follicles (c shape)
  3. Dark complexion

Our solutions :

We have harvested follicles from his donor area using FUE method. While performing FUE his hair was curled in one direction where as his roots in other direction. Initially we had transaction of follicles as African race hair follicles are not straight like Asians. But after a dozen follicles transaction we managed to succeed in extracting his follicles without any transaction rate. It is very important while performing Hair transplant African race the FUE instruments should follow the curvature of the follicle to minimize follicle damage.

Hair Bonding Case Study

Patient History :
Mr.Ashish 32 yrs from Indore was using Hair Bonding piece for 5 years presented to us in Jan 2012 for hair transplant surgery since he doesn't want to use hair piece any more. On examination he had severe scalp inflammation on the area where he was using hair piece.
Considerations :

  1. Inflammatory scalp
  2. Long term use of hair bonding piece