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Hair Transplant Recovery

Hair Transplant Recovery Many People are worried about the recovery period following hair transplant surgery. Though hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure, it is a minimal invasive procedure performed only at 2 to 4mm skin depth. While performing hair transplant surgery either by follicular unit transplantation ( FUT ) / Follicular Unit Strip…
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Hair Recovery

Recovery Time One need not to be worried about major complications and recovery time after their hair transplant surgery. Scalp has a very good vascularity and heals quicker after donar harvesting of hair grafts and after implantation into the bald area. As normal tissues heals after an injury, the transplanted area heals likewise. Following implantation…
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Hair Transplant Results

Hair Transplant Results The results at New You Hair Clinic have a proven record of successful hair growth results performed on patients. However, it mainly depends upon individuals and proactive response in following post-surgery guidelines. Besides, we always believe in providing the best quality of treatment with advanced surgical instruments to yield prospective results in…
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