I have been very satisfied with my lip and lift surgery as well as my hair transplant.
I have been given at most care by the doctor and his team consider up my fear toward pain.
I have also got my desired result. Overall very satisfied.


July Joseph, Manager

I am Mashi Kumar
I Understand 2 sessions of Hair Transplant Surgery at New You Clinic. My First Hair Transplant surgery session in 2012 for my front area & my Second session in 2013 for my crown area. I am very much happy with my hair frowth after my hair transplant surgery as i was completely bold & had only hair at side & below the ears before my surgery. I Thank Dr. Kishore and his team.

Mashi Kumar, Consultant

This is Kiran IT Propositional from Bangalore. I was suffering from blondness and consulted Dr.Kishore Babu at his clinic in Kormangala. He advised me to growth hair transplant procedure. On my consolation.

I was explained about entire procedure of hair transplant like before case preparation for surgery .recovery time, after care and expected result. My hair transplant surgery was done in august 2013 for my hairline . New its almost 8 month and I can notice more then 80% of my hair has grows like 2-3 cms.

I did’t had any problem during and after my procedure other then small amount of pain and swelling for 4-5 days after my hair transplant surgery.
Thank you clinic.

Mr. Kiran, Designer