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Hair Transplant in India

Welcome to New You Hair Clinic – "A one stop solution for Your Baldness Cure and Facial Cosmetics Surgery". Today, Baldness is causing a major problem. Baldness not only affects the individual looks, but also affects the overall social well-being. It's not only limited to men who suffer from baldness but there are many women who are experiencing baldness at a very young age.

Hair Transplant has become the most common type of surgery in India due to rise in number of bald cases among the patients. This surgery helps individuals to regrow the hairs natural and permanent with advanced procedures.

There are several options available today, most of which are artificial or temporary. The Only Permanent Solution we have for baldness cure is Hair Transplant, which is proven to be the most successful surgery for the past several decades. Most of the options for Baldness Cure other than Hair Restoration will only help you in preventing hair fall and help in re growing the lost hair to a very negligible extent.

This is the cosmetic surgery procedure where genetically resistant hair follicles are taken from individuals back of the head (donor's area) and implanted in to bald area. This is the only natural solution to regain /regrow lost natural hairs.

Well there are medicines to prevent baldness, but it makes a big difference between preventing and getting rid off permanently. New You Hair Clinic in India is dedicated in hair transplant surgery to patients in providing and using world class proven methods and adapting the latest and happening technology.

Hair Transplant History :

This surgery has become popular in mid 1990's. With the time this technique has changed a lot from small surgical session to Super mega session. There are so many options for Treatment for Baldness. But People prefer and choose hair Transplant surgery because it consistently proving to give the successful results from decades, every year Hair Restoration and its techniques are getting more and more advance.



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